Australia’s Own proudly supports the promotion of responsible packaging initiatives.

Our product packaging is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Here are just a few ways the FSC plays an important part in the responsible sourcing of forest products:

  1. Promoting the Principles and Criteria of responsible management of the world’s forests through the development of the forest management standards and a voluntary accreditation program.
  2. Supporting an adequate management of forests, providing the assistance required to achieve an environmentally appropriate and economically viable exploitation of natural resources, avoiding deterioration or affectation of such resources, of the ecosystems, or of the surrounding communities.
  3. Conducts educational activities aimed to increase the awareness of the importance of improving forest management.
  4. Provides guidance and assistance to developers of forest management policies, forest managers, legislators, and to any other person interested in forest management.

For more information about the FSC head to their website