Plant Powered Goodness!

Like Milk is a nutritious plant milk, made from pea protein, which has been formulated with the same levels of calcium and protein as full cream dairy milk, but with zero fat and much lower levels of sugar.

Demand has grown in recent years for plant-based options in Australia. This is driven in part by an increase in reported lactose intolerance (dairy is now the most common type of food causing intolerance in Australia, at around 4.5% of the population[1] but also due to consumers wanting to explore new options and include plant-based offerings in their diet.

Based on one serve (250ml), Like Milk provides 8.8g of protein and 300mg calcium but with 0g fat and only 0.2g sugar (7.9g sugar in Like Milk original) compared to 15.5g of sugar as lactose, in a serve of full cream dairy milk.

Like Milk is the first plant-based beverage in Australia to be made using pea protein, which has been selected for its robust amino acid profile. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which our bodies need for muscle development and well-being.

The nine essential amino acids present in Like Milk are important to eat because our bodies can’t make them. They can all be found naturally in animal proteins and dairy but it’s good to know that they’re well represented in Like Milk, too.

Along with calcium, Like Milk is also fortified with phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B12, the same goodness found in dairy; plus, vitamin D.

Dr Sonja Kukuljan, Australia’s Own Dietitian and food enthusiast, saysFor those of us wishing to consume a healthy diet, mixing foods to get the full complement of essential amino acids can be a key consideration. In this way, Like Milk, with its mix of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, but without the lactose (milk sugar) and fat of full cream dairy, can help achieve a healthy diet.

The key difference between Like Milk and other plant milks is its high levels of protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B2, B12 and vitamin D all together in one place; along with zero fat and much lower levels of sugar compared to full cream and low-fat dairy milk.

Like Milk is the ideal nutritional addition to anyone’s diet, Whether You Don’t Like Milk, Or Milk Doesn’t Like You.